Online Polish language courses for foreigners

New online Polish language courses for foreigners - find a group for yourself!


Ÿ  learning Polish is your New Year’s resolution,

Ÿ  you want to finally understand what your friends and family in Poland are talking about,

Ÿ  you want to find a job in Poland,

Ÿ  your goal is to pass the Polish language certification exam,

 we have good news for you because in February in our school will start new online group courses in 4 different levels (A0, A1, A2, B1).

What you need to know about our courses?

Ÿ  The online course is live lessons with a teacher - we meet twice a week for 60 minutes.

Ÿ  The entire course consists of 24 lessons (3 months) with the possibility of continuation.

Ÿ  During the classes, we focus on improving communication skills, i.e. reading, listening, speaking, we learn new vocabulary.

Ÿ  We are focused on the needs of our student, we adjust the material and the pace of work to their capabilities.

Ÿ  We don’t work with only one coursebook, we use our own materials.

Ÿ  Our groups are small - 5-6 people maximum, so don't worry, you won't be anonymous.

Ÿ  After ending the course, we give our students a certificate of participation.

Okay, but what about the price?

The total cost of the course is 600 PLN, it is also possible to pay in two installments (PLN 300 each).

Great, so when we start?

Please, choose which level are you interested in, if you have a problem to describe your level, please do a placement test, write us:

Please, find a group for you - our new courses:




Wednesday 8:00-9:00.

Friday 9:00-10:00

start 28.04

Tuesday 18:00-19:00

Thursday 19:30-20:30 

start 27.04 

Tuesday - Thursday


start 04.05 

Monday - Thursday


start 06.05 




Monday - Wednesday


start 05.05 

A2/B1 - Slavic group

Monday - Wednesday


start 05.05 

I found a group for myself, how I can sign up?

Please, write us:

our use our contact form.

If you have more questions, please call us: 697 260 783

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