Individual Courses

Individual courses are dedicated to people who have precise linguistic targets and know over which skills they need to work most and how fast they want to reach that level. They are also for these people who wish to work under direct supervision of coach who will be monitoring their progress in real time and adapt the course accordingly.

How do I know if individual course is for me?


  • You want to learn Polish but you do not know where to start or self-learning has not worked for you.
  • You need a fresh motivation for learning.
  • You need a person that will explain you grammatical topics and dissipate linguistic doubts.
  • You have a linguistic target, f. e. you need Polish at work, at university, you need to learn emails or official documents, you need to exercise Polish post-fixes so that you could communicate correctly, you have Polish family members that you want to understand in their native language…
  • You know that learning a language requires regular work – not only during lessons with teacher.
  • You wish to work at your pace and focus on things that interest you most.

What you get is:

  • Time and dedication from coach who will help you achieve your linguistic targets.
  • Individual set of materials adapted to your needs.
  • Interesting recordings to watch and listen and interesting texts to read that will help you enlarge your vocabulary and get acquainted with „live and spoken Polish language”.
  • Help in urgent cases, f.e. translating or writing a document or email.
  • Getting acquainted with selected and most interesting parts of Polish culture – movie, music, literature, history etc.

How do you get enrolled in the course?

  •  Get in touch with us by phone, email or contact tab at our webpage.
  •             Write what is your target and how often would you like to meet with a coach.

We will answer as soon as possible and set together time and date for first meeting.

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