Polish for Children

Polish for children as a foreign language is a preferred option for all parents who want their children to know Polish.


  • you live abroad and your child has no contact with Polish language or it is short and limited contact,
  • you think of coming back to Poland and you are anxious if your child will cope in Polish school,
  • you pay regular visits to Poland and you care to keep communication between your child with grandparents in Polish,
  • you teach your child Polish at home and you would like to improve progress,
  • your child masters only one of skills: understands, speaks, reads or writes (with or without mistakes),
  • you are foreigner, planning a visit or long term stay in Poland with your family and you wish your kid to communicate in Polish,
  • you came back to Poland and and your kid attends Polish school but has a language problem and therefore his overall progress is not satisfying you. 

our offer is just fit for yourself and your child.

Lessons with kids are mostly individual but there is a possibility to create small groups provided kids are at similar age with similar knowledge of Polish.

During classes we not only teach Polish language, we care to get the children acquainted with Polish cultureWe use multiple linguistic games, plays, songs, poems, tales etc. therefore our lessons are dynamic and kids do not feel that they are in another school where they have to make boring linguistic excercices.

How do you get enrolled in the course?

  • Get in touch with us by phone, e-mail or contact tab at our webpage.
  • We will set together the date of the first meeting at our school.

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