Teaching Module Program

Teaching foreigners Polish language is very challenging task that require the teacher to have several crucial skills. Students who want to learn Polish are usually coming from various cultures, having various habits that may appear to Polish bizzare and incomprehensive. Teacher taking such students needs to be open minded, flexible, indulgent and have sense of humour so that he could take his work easy.


Since there will come barrier in teaching Polish language.

What do we hear most often from our students?

  • „I do not have to learn Polish as at work and outside I can easily manage with my English”.
  • „Polish is very complex”.
  • „I have no time for studying”.
  • „I want to speak Polish and not study grammar”.
  • „I have no motivation to learn Polish”.

We have spent a lot of time to find most effective working method with our students. How teach a language with minimizing grammar topics which is indispensible element of each language? How to teach foreigners so that after few lessons they saw results of their work, could create some simple sentences, feel at easy while living and working in Poland?

What is modular teaching? It is mainly:

  • working on short modules (lessons) that are dedicated to separate topics,
  • mastering all skills (listening, reading, grammar, speaking and writing) within one module,
  • teaching spoken Polish language,
  • integrate grammar topics within som particular context and communication case,
  • creating situations that require speaking Polish,
  • encouraging to taking individual challenges (by giving some homework :)),
  • setting a linguistic target and progressively achieving it.

In our classes we do not work with a manual. W suggest to use it as rehearsal material at home. During lesson we focus on materials prepared for student by teacher. We are convinced and we know that this approach gives satisfying and measurable results pretty shortly. You will love it :).

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