Exemplary lessons

Level: A1+/A2

Skills: listening comprehension, reading comprehension, grammatical correctness, speaking

Description: exercises based on the subject of New Year's resolutions. The student listens to the recording and completes the text, answers the questions to the text (true / false), completes the sentences according to his own idea, paraphrases sentences, expresses his opinion on the various New Year's resolutions.

For whom: listening and reading for people at A1+ level. Grammar exercise is more suitable for people at A2 level, but we encourage you to do it. Communication exercises can be modified and are suitable for each level. 

Postanowienia noworoczne

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Level: A0 

Skills: reading comprehension, grammatical correctness, writing

Description: very simple text with basic vocabulary. After reading the text, the student answers questions to him and performs grammar exercises: he changes basic verbs and fills in with text and match the nouns with adjectives, checking the knowledge of singular genders. At the end, the student has the opportunity to describe his family in 10 sentences. Great exercises to consolidate vocabulary and grammatical structures.

For whom: for students at the elementary level, in our school we use these exercises after discussing the singular forms and basic verbs, that is 5-6 lessons.

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