Classes with Professional Teacher

Classes with professional educationist are available for parents who want to give their child a professional care. At the first diagnostic meeting our teacher establishes the individual work plan and indicates the areas of student’s development that need greater attention. Parents will be able to monitor the progress of their child through exercises carried out not only during the meetings but also at home.

Classes can be held at our premises or at the child’s home.

The price is set individually.


If your child struggles with some learning difficulties, reads slowly or poorly, has problems with writing or spelling, doesn’t understand the text he reads or gets easily distracted while learning, it means that he may need proper, individual assessment. During the first meeting our specialist will carry out an individual assessment and on its basis will propose the most effective ways of improving.


If you feel that your child needs a professional care do not hesitate to contact us, we are happy to answer all your questions.

The first diagnostic meeting: 100 PLN

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