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How to enroll for a course?

1) Check type of course that you are interested in: we offer individual and group classes in Poznan and online meetings for people all over the world.

2) Check your advancement level by answering simple questions: Have you ever learnt Polish? If yes, for how long? Can you communicate in Polish? Do you understand a conversation between two Poles, Polish movies or series, newspaper or internet articles? Can you apply some grammar rules? Can you write as well as you speak?

3) Write qualifying test which will help us to tailor our courses exactly for you so that you could focus on most important things.        Remark: the very beginners do not need to write this test.

4) Decide on your availability: how many times per week, morning-afternoon-evening hours, which days – are weekends an option for you?

5) Check on our dedicated offers – the more committed learner you are, the cheaper it will cost you. Details are here: price list

6) Should you have further questions, please drop us an email: kontakt@easypolish.com.pl or through contact formular. We will gladly answer any questions.

Attention: New group for beginners from April in our school. Lessons will be held twice a week, in the evenings, for 3 months. Total price for a course (24 lessons x 90 minutes) is 720 PLN (payment in two installments). If you are interested or you have more questions, please contact with us.

Our e-mail adress is: kontakt@easypolish.com.pl


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