Children Of Foreigners

Polish language classes are destined for a foreign children who are just beginning their adventure with the Polish language or want to improve their language skills in this area. 

We know that for a child who starts going to the Polish schools, ignorance of the Polish language is a source of big stress. That makes an education failures and absence of integration with other children. For that reason the child is discouraged and feels alienated at school.

The school should be a place providing all children equal opportunities of development, helping them to make up any school backlog. Unfortunately, actions of Polish schools are often inadequate.

We want to offer a Polish courses as a foreign language for children. Learning Polish with us is a great fun. Level of course is adapted to the individual child's opportunity. We use our own materials also the poems, stories and rhymes, because we want to show children the polish culture.

We would like to invite all children and their parents for a trial lesson. We will show you our ways of teaching and it will be a good occasion to talk about your child and learning of Polish. Then you decide if you want to work with us or not. 

If you have any questions, please contact with us.

Price: 50 PLN/60 minutes

 Easy Polish, Poznań, Poland     +48 697 260 783