In the twenty-first century phenomenon of migration is seen more frequently. Both Poles decide to live and work abroad and foreigners opt for longer or shorter stays in Poland. Going abroad leads to the knowledge of two languages or to bilingualism.


Bilingualism means that you:

- have mastered the second language in the same way and at the same level as native speakers,

- have mastered all the skills in the foreign language ( speaking, reading, listening, writing, knowledge of grammar),

- you feel at ease to use both language interchangeably.


But if you:

- use one of the languages to communicate in certain situations e.g. at work,

- haven’t mastered all the skills in the foreign language e.g. you can speak fluently but struggle with writing,

- your native culture is closer to you

that means we can talk about the knowledge of two languages ​​(at a certain level), rather than bilingualism.


Children of parents who come from different countries are able to learn two languages at the same time thanks to the equal exposure to both languages. It seems to be an ideal situation, but there are a few problems faced by parents of bilingual children. One of the languages may be dominant, the child may begin to mix the two languages ​​or respond in a different language than it should, or may also reject the language of one of the parents. Working with children and teenagers, where we have to deal with the uneven development of language skills is a challenge for parents.  If your child attends a Polish school (in Poland or abroad) and you are facing one of the problems mentioned above, we are ready to help you overcome all the difficulties.


At the first diagnostic meeting (live or online) our teacher establishes the individual work plan and indicates the areas of student’s development that need greater attention.

 Classes can be held at our premises or at the child’s home.

The price is set individually. We take into account the complexity of the problem and the scope of work.

If you feel that your child needs a professional care do not hesitate to contact us, we are happy to answer all your questions.


The first diagnostic meeting: 100 PLN

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