Polish for Business Purposes

The course is designed for those who plan to work, or work in business or economy. The main focus and goal of the course is to enable participants to communicate in Polish in the modern world of business. During the course you will learn the language of formal meetings and negotiations and practice vocabulary related to areas such as: management, marketing, finances or trade. The course for business purposes can be combined with any of the general Polish courses.



If your level of Polish is elementary, we recommend an intensive course based on our Effective Teaching Module program presented during Pase Business English Conference in Warsaw. The basic assumption of the Effective Teaching Module is to enable the learner to acquire the vocabulary essential to communicate in everyday life situations: introducing yourself, talking about yourself (family, hobbies, work), asking for direction, ordering a meal in a restaurant or booking a hotel room.



Classes can be held at our school or at your company premises.

All Easy Polish students will get a free access to our materials on easypolish.com.pl.


The price is set individually with the client.

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