If you don’t have time to participate in a group course and speaking is the skill you want to improve and focus on – conversationsare just what you need.




Conversations are tailored to your needs, expectations and goals. You decide how often you want to learn and which topics you want to discuss. We can help you to communicate in Polish in everyday life situations – shopping, buying a ticket or ordering food in a restaurant. If you are looking for a job we will give you some useful tips and provide you with vocabulary and expressions you need during the interview. Or maybe you don’t want to let your other half down and prove that you can have a small talk with your future parents in law.




Whatever the reason is – conversations are the best option if you want to improve your speaking. Our meetings can take place wherever convenient for you – at our school, in a café or in a park. Forget about books and filling in boring grammar exercises, all you need is a positive attitude.




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